02.11.2014 – A charity concert at Studio 5

Start: 18:00

Entrance: Donation

Welcome to a charity concert, which we are organizing in order to help our friend Nikolay Hristov from Kardjali, who is suffering from a chronic renal failure.

In the program:

Acoustic music

acoustic covers of popular songs that I believe most of us like, mixed with several songs written by the musitians

Irish dances and music
“Fly into dance” Irish Dance Academy Sofia

Authentic Bulgarian folklore
quartet “Zornitsa”, folklore dance group “Ripni-Ka”, folklore orchestra “Ha, nazdrave!”

Currently, Niki is in Spain and is waiting for a kidney transplantation. Unfortunately it is not clear exactly how long he will have to wait – after entering the lists for transplantation a surgery will be scheduled, but this takes time. He needs the funds we collect in order to live in Spain until the transplantation is done. Currently he has enough to cover his expenses till the end of December.

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