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Rossen Idealov Jr.

  • What appealed to me mostly about the irish dancing from the very beginning, was the incredible power that this traditional form of dance carries. I love the mightiness and the dynamics of the hard dance and the lightness and the grace of the light dance, combined with the aggressive rhythm of the irish music, which brings to those who dance the lovely feeling of freedom and joy.
  • My work with professionals in the field gives me the motivation to improve my skills incessantly. I had the chance to take my knowledge from famous names as Shane Mc Avinchey, world champion irish dancing teacher in one of the largest schools in Europe and soloist in Riverdance. Sandra Kuhnart, teacher and art director of the Berlin School of Irish Dancing ,,Jigs & Reels”. James Keegan multiple-time world champion irish dancer, teacher and current soloist in Lord of the Dance, and famous dancers like Mark Mulholland and Nicole Gillen . I studied, as additional improvement of my dance skills, classical ballet with the famous international ballet soloist Ivaylo Karageorgiev.
  • All these teachers gave me great experience in the art of Irish dancing .They built my self-discipline and willingness to work with others. For me, dance is something intimate and each rehearsal makes me enjoy myself and feel happy and fulfilled.


Nadezhda Nedyalkova

  • Irish dancing for me is not just a hobby, sport or art .Irish dancing is the joy and excitement, yearning and need – to rejoice, to express and to love. In Irish dance you can dance gracefully as you performing soft dance, and you can be loud and aggressive, creating a rhythm with hard shoes. In Irish dance you’re always part of the music, the rhythm and above all the mood because you are the creator of that lovely spirit.
  • From my teachers : Sandra Kuhnert, founder and teacher of “Jigs and Reels – Irish Dance Academy Berlin”; Mary Sweeney, judge and founder of Tir na nOg Germany ( one of the biggest Irish dance schools in Europe ); Shane McAvinchey, multiple-time world champion soloist of “Riverdance”, choreographer and teacher ; James Keegan, repeated world champion , teacher and soloist with the current “Lord of the dance”; Rosen Idealov-son, founder and teacher at the “Fly into Dance” Irish Dance Academy Sofia I have received not just priceless knowledge , advices and experience.
  • Through them I got to know the world of Irish dance and I was overwhelmed by the magic that gives so much positive emotions and great inspiration. It is this magic that fills dancer and makes it part of a special world – the world of Irish dancing.


Sitara Bakirova

  • My name is Sitara Bakirova, i’m 22 and i’m from Karaganda, Kazakhstan. Now i live in Sofia, Bulgaria and i’m member of “Fly into dance” irish dance academy Sofia.
  • I started irish dancing when i was 12 after i ve seen Michael Flatley’s “lord of the dance” …the same way like lots of people started doing this ))) after my 1st lesson i understood that this is exactly that i want to do !!! and irish dance still keep me. I started in the team called “Altyn Batyr”, from kazakh lan-ge it means “Gold warrior”. All of us were self- tought for a long time.. and when we found an oportunities we got some lessons of irish dance with profesionals. One of the workshop was in Moscow with Colin Dunne… and that was the big goal for us and that was an amazing time !!! also big thanks to Maria Singal form Moscow…the first teacher who gave us base of irish dance !!! i hope that here in Sofia, in new place for me i will continue improving myself and doing what i love to do !!!

Our School

Irish dance school ,,Fly into Dance” was founded by Rossen Idealov-son, for the purpose of the development and dissemination of irish dance and culture in the Bulgarian country. The teachers of the school are dancers with extensive experience and knowledge due to skills of famous irish dance artists and educators from all around the world . The irish dance academy offers to its students the opportunity to experience the magic of this irish art , studying the rich palette of traditional styles offered by this magnificent form of dance. The school offers opportunities for everyone – for those who just want to experience this amazing dance immersed in its atmosphere, and for those who are ambitious and want to rise to the highest levels of the irish dance and to develop it as a skill in themselves. The dancers will have the perspective to reach the stage experience –in Bulgaria as abroad. Fly into Dance is associated with the Berlin Academy of Irish Dance ,, Jigs & Reels ” (officially registered with CLRG – An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha in Dublin).